Isabel and Family

關於我的家庭和成員/About Us  

Daddy Mark and mommy Beatrice have never been musically gifted. Mommy has trouble keeping time to a beat and daddy can barely stay on key, even when singing the 'Happy Birthday' song. Yet, after attending Music Together®, mommy has transformed into the world’s most enthusiastic singer, at least when she is singing with Isabel, while daddy, who cannot even remember the lyrics of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, has also been brainwashed to sing “Hello Everybody” perfectly. You never know where life takes you!


為什麼喜歡Music Together Sandiano的課程/ What we like the most about Music Together Sandiano? 

Pride fills mommy's heart when Isabel applies what she has learned in class at home. Isabel would pick up daily objects like lotion lids to drum her tiny fingers on. She would also grab mommy's chopsticks during dinner, insisting that mommy chants “sit with sticks, sit with sticks, sit and sit and sit with sticks.” It's especially cute when her face lights up with pride after mommy praises her for saying bye-bye to her toys and putting them away!

Besides tangible skills, Music Together Sandiano has rewarded us with the discovery of Isabel's love for music. Last month, we went to Leofoo Village with some friends and their three-year-old son. During an African music and dance performance, our friend’s toddler was sitting still on the bench, quietly observing. In stark contrast, Isabel kept trying to walk on stage to dance with the crew. Daddy had to hold on tight to her arms, but that didn't stop her! She kept shifting her weight between her legs and swinging her body side to side, dancing while standing on her seat. Given how shy and reserved Isabel usually is – she won’t even walk three feet away from mommy when in public – daddy and mommy were very shocked by her eagerness to join the music performance! Genuine interest is something that cannot be forced upon by parents, so we are truly thankful that MTS has given Isabel an opportunity to develop her passion in music and dance.


在家中最喜歡的歌曲和活動, 包括您和孩子 / What we sing and make music at home? 

The songs we sing depend on Isabel's preference for the day. Mommy would sing the first line of a song, and Isabel then nods or shakes her head. Sometimes mommy has to try up to three songs before Isabel gives the green light! In that sense, she doesn't really have a favorite. But some of her current top contenders are “William Tell’s Ride,” “Hello Everybody,” and “Trot to Grandma’s House”.