Tuition / Fees


*每位孩童一堂課550元. 每位家庭的註冊費是1600元. *建議依照您報名的報名表來繳費*

我們依據美國總會的建議, 一起和家中的兄弟姐妹來上課但是未滿8個月的寶寶為免費!(以開課日期為基准)*請在報名表中備註未滿8個月寶寶的英文姓名和出身年月日.

*NEW*請務必填寫  2021冬季班匯款單

  •  為了確認你的報名完成,請在報名三日內完成繳費的手續, 以確認你的報名完成。
  •  官網會在你填寫完網上的報名表後,自動寄出[報名確認Email]。如果你在填寫完網上的報名表一個星期後沒有收到“官網自動回覆寄出的報名確認Email, 請聯系





  • 一本Music Together®®當季彩色的歌曲集(Songbook)和CD可以在車上和家中聆聽。
  • 無限上網下載當季歌曲和Family Music Zone的音樂互動遊戲。
  • "成長表"為提供你對孩子在課堂中的音樂行為表現的指標。
  • 課程中或是不定時的收到親子音樂課程教育的分享


******Semester TUITION****** 

  • Tuition is each class 550 NTD per child.  (Registration Fee is 1600NTD for per family/per Semester and is including all supportive materials) please settle your payment as your registration form. 
  • Younger infant siblings under 8 months as the first day of the class are FREE with their registered and paid sibling. *Please provide infant’s name and birthday in comment field.
  • In order to confirm your space, tuition is due in  Three Days after your registration is confirmed; you will receive an automatic confirmation email once you’ve completed your online registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email within one week of submitting your registration. Contact us to confirm that we have received it.
  • Tuition can be paid in Cash and Bank transfer. No tuition refunds are given after classes begin, A fee of 1600NTD will be deducted for the materials that are not return in new and unopened condition.


  • Music together award-winning CD and a beautiful colorful illustrated songbook with family activity suggestions
  • Access Code to NEW Family Music Zone to download current semester songs
  • New families receive a welcome DVD and booklet of "Music Together At Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically"; a guide for parents and caregivers.
  • "Growth Chart" for each family to track musical milestones of your children.
  • Parent Education in class to help adults understand and enhance their child's musical development.

Bank Transfer Info:

HuaNan Bank 008,


Please complete the 2021 WINTER Payment Form

We will reply with confirmation within 36 hours