Important Announcement



*NEW UPDATE* 2020開始所有來體驗的新家庭也要求填寫旅遊問卷調查


MTS 為您把關環境, 和所有進出教室人的體溫和洗手管制, 也請您務必配合防疫期間須知:

1. 孩子或是家長自國外入境, 請在家中居家隔離14天後再來上課. 

2. 孩子或是同行人員如有人額溫37.5度以上將無法進入教室. 

3. 成人請自備口罩

4. 所有人皆必須洗手後, 才能進入教室.

MTS 加強防疫措施:

1) 老師和工作人員將會配戴口罩, 並落實每日量體溫的工作.

2) 每堂課前將消毒所有的教具, 和地板(也包含門), 並維持室內空氣流通


1)  If you or your child is not feeling well, or having fever and coughing, please stay home resting and do not come to class, we will try the best to help you with makeup class. 
2)For parents and students who have recently traveled overseas, we kindly ask that you inform us and remain home until 14 days after your return to Taipei.
3) We ask that everyone wears a mask upon entering the classroom. Your temperature will be checked and hands cleansed with an alcohol-based spray at the entrance of each classroom.
4)   All props and playalong box toys will be sterlized before EACH class by MTS teachers. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, your health and safety are our top priorities and the previsions put in place are important and essential.