2020 Coronavirus Announcement

                                                                                                                                                                 February 6th

 ⚠️*更新* 防疫課程延期公告 



經過團隊評估後,因為疫情還不明確和穩定, 為了大家的健康,我們決定再往後延一週冬季課程:


⚠️ 2/7-2/13 暫停所有班級,體驗和補課課程

⚠️ 順延開課日期:星期五2/14

⚠️ 提醒星期六2/15為政府規定的補班日,沒有安排課程,所以星期六家庭的開課上課日期是2/22


��上課變動造成不便 謝謝大家的配合和見諒 安全和健康為第一️

��若是有安排2/7-2/13體驗/補課的家庭, 課務將幫忙取消, 請再次上官網安排體驗/補課時間。

冬季補課期限改至 3/29



❤️我們一起同心協力對抗疫情! 來看看黃瑽寧醫師發表的孩童戴口罩和疫情Q&A: https://reurl.cc/EKx3qn




 MTS Announcement for Coronavirus 
Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus and to ensure that we are taking the necessary precautions to protect our community, MTS will remain closed for an additional week. please follow the instructions when the class is resume on Friday, February 14th. 
1)  If you or your child is not feeling well, or having fever and coughing, please stay home resting and do not come to class, we will try the best to help you with makeup class. 
2)For parents and students who have recently traveled back from or transited through China or other infected areas, we kindly ask that you inform us and remain home until 14 days after your return to Taipei.
3) We ask that everyone wears a mask upon entering the classroom. Your temperature will be checked and hands cleansed with an alcohol-based spray at the entrance of each classroom.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, your health and safety are our top priorities and the previsions put in place are important and essential.