Loira and Family

Photo credit by Magdalin - Baby Photography - Taipei

About Us


We joined Music Together® in March, when Loira had just turned one year old.  We had been in Taiwan for only a few months, and we were looking for whole-family activities to do in the weekends. We liked the idea of children-parents classes as a way to spend time together while helping Loira get used to socialize with other children. Music has always been present in our family, so a course such as Music Together seemed a good idea to begin with.


What we like the most about MTS?


When we started, we  were impressed by the variety of activities and musical styles the children were exposed to and by the atmosphere of the class. Seeing a group of so young children peacefully putting aside the toys when prompted to do so was one of the things that really surprised us during the trial lesson - if they did so, they must have known some other nice stuff was coming afterward! During the course it was really nice to hear suggestions about games and variants to introduce in the songs to stimulate Loira in new ways, while observing her reactions and preferences.  After a term, what we enjoy the most is seeing how Loira started reproducing at home the behaviours she has seen others having in the class (dancing, beating the tempo on her knees, repeating the gestures of some of the songs... ). It's the best sign for us that not only she is observing what is going on during the sessions, but that she really enjoys it!


What we sing and make music at home?


Amongst last term repertoire, Loira's current favourite is probably "Ten Little Fingers". She started trying to repeat the movements while we chant it, and it works spectacularly well in calming her down or distracting her when needed! Besides listening and singing the Music Together songs, we listen or move to different types of music, from children' songs to classical, to more popular or contemporary styles. To let Loira enjoy, we try to transfer the games or movements learnt from the Music Together songs to the other music we listen or sing.  In terms of music-making, we play with Loira with anything spanning from a keyboard to improvised instruments like cardboard boxes, toys, pillows, or pretty much anything that can produce a sound.