Valerie and Family

Photo credit by Magdalin - Baby Photography - Taipei


關於我的家庭和成員/About Us


Valerie, a 3 year old pre-schooler who loves making music with her own lyrics and dancing in her underwear on any given day in summer.
Valerie's Mother, her favorite tune is Lukey's Boat. She enjoys singing the song with her daughter on a road trip until the volume goes out of control and irritates the father.Valerie's Father, his favorite tune is Crawdad but he's no angler. He appreciates the music as much as the little nap time in the class. And yes, the nap time is imperative.


為什麼喜歡Music Together Sandiano的課程/ What we like the most about MTS?


We absolutely love Music Together Sandiano. It is the Neverland where we explore all sorts of fun and thrilling adventures through the music we make together. Age doesn't matter here. Zero language barriers in music. Each class is full of spirits and laughters. The diversity in music is astonishing. There are music from all over the world, ancient Arabian-esque music, Japanese children's song, Ghanaian children's song, Russian folk song, and Chinese Mandarin folk song. At Music Together Sandiano, there is no Tinkerbell and her pixie dust to get us high. However, we are already globetrotters in musical flight.


在家中最喜歡的歌曲和活動, 包括您和孩子 / What we sing and make music at home?


We sing almost every song from the collection at home. But Valerie's most favorite song is the Hello Song. Before singing the song together, she always asks us to pretend to be one of the instructors in the class while she pretends to be the leading instructor a.k.a Ms. Sandy. Then she put all her favorite puppets and dolls in a circle to do the song. Though the time is still early, she is hoping that Santa Clause would give her a ukulele as a Christmas gift. Because for her, performing the song with a ukelele is a dream come true.