Our Teachers

Music Together Sandiano (簡稱MTS) 擁有國際化的教學團隊!

每位皆是合格的教師外, 我們熱愛新生兒, 1-2歲的寶寶, 和3-5歲的大孩子! 

We love Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers! 
All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.
They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.


photo Sandy Yang, Director/Owner

Sandy Yang Music Certification Level I. Sandy is an Early Childhood Music Educator with a BA in Piano Performance at the Boston Conservatory, MA in early childhood music education at Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York City, and MA in Arts Administration at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Sandy grew up playing the piano and violin, as well as singing and dancing. She began her Music Together® teaching as a teacher in Shanghai in  2011 and now, with her two children Madison and Hudson, she enjoys the program even more as a parent. Besides music, Sandy also enjoys oil painting and yoga. She is also the founder and director at Sandiano Studio. Sandy opened Music Together Sandiano in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014. 

Ms. Sandy has been teaching since 2011. 

photo Hellen Hung, Manager (English Only)

Hellen Kim From Hellen's earliest memories, music has always been an integral part of her life.  Her passion for music was passed down from her parents - from her father who made Hellen and her brother sing Korean children's songs during the daily drive to school to a never silent car ride with her mom who loved Barbra Streisand, The Three Tenors, and old Korean pop music. Music has been weaving through every part and season of Hellen's life, as she sings in a choir, plays the clarinet or recorder, jams to the radio while driving or baking in the kitchen, and even when she's sings and plays with her nephews over video chat... music is her language of love.  Hellen has been teaching Music Together since September 2015.  She moved to Taipei recently after marrying a Taiwanese-American (she's Korean-American) and loves being a part of the Music Together Sandiano team! 

Hellen has been teaching since 2015 Fall. 


photo Maggie Liu

Maggie Liu Music Certification Level I. Maggie is a graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston major in Vocal Performance. Music has always been a big part of Maggie’s life as a young child. She began her piano lesson at age of four and performed in numerous of music performances and shows through her music years. Maggie discovered and experienced the joy of Music Together as a parent when her son Benjamin was 1 and half years old in 2013. With her passion of singing, she was trained and became a registered Music Together teacher by Susan Darrow, the Music Together LLC, CEO in 2014.  She loves children, loves music and singing and certainly loves Music Together Sandiano team,and surely looking forward to spreading the LOVE musically to all our families of MTS!

Maggie has been teaching since 2014 Fall.

Maggie畢業於美國波士頓伯克里音樂學院(Berklee College Of Music) 主修Vocal Performance。Maggie四歲開始學習古典鋼琴,之後音樂就一直是她生活的一部分,當中不但有過多場鋼琴發表會及演奏會,在美國求學時也跟許多優秀的歌手及樂手合作完成多場演唱會。2013年Maggie帶著當時才一歲半的兒子Benjamin參加了Music Together Sandiano,之後因為熱愛這個幼兒啟蒙音樂課程,於2014年接受了Susuan Darrow (Music Together LLC, CEO)的訓練,正式成為合格的MT授課教師。她非常熱愛孩子,熱愛音樂,熱愛唱歌,當然還有Music Together Sandiano這個大家庭,也一直期待著能把這份愛傳達給我們MTS的所有可愛的家庭!
Ms. Maggie 擁有3.5年的教學經驗。


photo Alice Yu

嗨,我是Alice Yu, 從小我就熱愛唱歌、熱愛音樂。2014年年初,帶著大女兒如如參加Director Ms. Sandy 的課程後,從此改變了我的人生。愛唱歌的我對MT 的音樂、律動以及愉悅的氛圍深深著迷。真心希望這樣的美好經驗能分享給更多的家庭,隨即於2014年10月,很榮幸在美國Music Together 的CEO Susan Darrow 培訓下,成功通過並合格成為Music Together 老師。更密集的在Director Ms. Sandy 培訓8個月後,正式開始教學生涯。接觸MT至今(2017年)轉眼三年了,我也從只有一個女兒變成三寶媽。我的孩子們每一個都很喜歡唱唱跳跳,也都從小參與MT 課程。每位爸媽一定都希望給孩子最好的,MT 給了我們全家最好的禮物就是將音樂帶入日常生活。希望在不久的將來我有機會能夠與您和您的寶寶一起玩音樂!


Alice remembers how her parents were always singing no matter where or when and sometimes they even danced. To her, those are some of the best memories of her childhood. Every weekend her mom and dad would wake her up with all kinds of music - classic, pop, country, Taiwanese folk songs - and all this inspired her immensely. Alice was in a chorus from elementary school all the way to high school. She loves singing even more after giving birth to her daughters. In 2014, Alice was trained and became a registered Music Together teacher by Susan Darrow, Music Together LLC., CEO. Alice has been teaching since May 2015. 


photo Yula Yu


畢業後Yula擔任過Orff奧福教學法老師,鋼琴老師, 以及0-3歲感覺統合和音樂老師。


多年音樂幼教經歷的Yula,深知音樂教育對於孩子成長的重要性,在兒子7個月的時候便帶著他參加了Music Together的課程。Yula在2016年接受了Susan Darrow(Music Together LLC, CEO)的訓練,正式成為合格的MT授課老師。Yula非常熱愛音樂,熱愛孩子,希望通過Music Together給予孩子更多音樂的養分,把音樂,快樂還有愛傳遞到每個家庭。


Yula graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with a major in Musicology and Piano. She grew up playing the accordion, piano, guitar, and flute. After graduating, Yula worked as an Orff music educator, a piano teacher, and a 0-3 year early childhood education teacher.


Yula's many years working in early childhood music education has shown her the importance and benefits of music education for the development of children. She took her son to Music Together class beginning when he was seven months old.


Yula was trained and certified as a Music Together Teacher by Susan Darrow, Music Together LLC, CEO, in 2016 and began teaching in July 2017.


Yula loves music and children, and is looking forward to spreading music, happiness, and love to our Music Together families.

photo Michelle Lin


Michelle十分喜歡音樂且熱愛唱歌,幼時曾學習鋼琴及古典吉他,音樂一直在他生活中佔了很重要的部分。2015年帶著大兒子參加了MT的音樂課程,隨即愛上MT豐富多元的音樂類型及自然有趣的授課方式,也了解到給予孩子充分的音樂環境及支持能讓孩子多麼快樂。於是乎,他於2017年參加了美國總部的師訓,成功通過並正式成為MT合格授課教師。對於非常喜歡孩子的Michelle而言,迫不及待想和每個家庭分享MT音樂的美好,也希望能將這顆充滿愛的能量的音樂種子散播到每個家庭,和大家一起make music together.


Michelle loves music and singing since she was young. In childhood, she had learned piano and classic guitar. Music has played a major role in her life. Michelle took her son to the MT class in 2015. She loves MT music and loves singing and dancing with her child. With her passion of music, she was trained and became a registered Music Together teacher in 2017. As someone who loves music and kids, Michelle cannot wait to share the beauty of MT music with every family and their children, in hope that the seed of music with love and energy can be spread far and wide. Let’s make music together!

  Maggie Liu & Hellen Hung ( Baby Class )
  Hellen Hung, Manager & Michelle Lin ( Bilingual)